Ann M Pearl, LCSW

A native of the Northeast, I attended the University of Maryland at College Park for my undergraduate work. Fear the Turtle! 
Like many of us, I did not follow the traditional 4-year plan but instead took some time off to start my own self-exploration journey. I later graduated with a degree in psychology and then transplanted to Georgia. I earned my Masters Degree from Georgia State University in 2007. I enjoyed my practicum experience with the Agape Community Center and a small non-profit, Goal - A Girl's Journey of Growth. 
Previous to counseling work, my experience included, curriculum writing, facilitator training, teaching, child care, fundraising and event planning. Earlier therapy work included working with children, adolescents and adults at community clinics treating a variety of concerns including: anxiety, ADHD, moods disorders, and trauma.
My eating disorder experience began within the core agency setting but I honed my skills and knowledge at the Renfrew Center of Georgia.  The Renfrew Center uses the evidence based practice model, the Unified Treatment, a trans-diagnostic model that is exposure based and incorporates elements of CBT, DBT, and ACT. 
My private practice focuses on self-actualization and the application of mindfulness in every day life. However, I find the integration of solution focused work an integral part of the work I do. 
Whatever your theoretical preference, I meet you where you are and align with the goals that you have for your treatment and life. 
On my own time, I enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors. To lead by example I often "step outside my comfort zone" and challenge myself in obstacles races - my supportive husband and three rescue dogs encouraging from the sidelines.